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Bryn Gwyn



Bryn Gwyn

Historic Background

This block of high upland within Gwestfa Trefmeurig in Cwmwd Perfedd was probably considered Crown land, although part of it was appropriated or otherwise acquired by the Gogerddan estate by the late 18th century. A late 18th century estate map shows a dwelling - Fagwyr Isaf - in the southeast corner of this area situated in a large tract of open land. The dwelling has now gone. The unenclosed character of the land was maintained until it was acquired by the Forestry Commission and planted with conifers in the 1960s.


Description and essential historic landscape components

This craggy upland area, which achieves a height of over 440m, is covered by hard-edged conifer plantation. Prior to planting it was unenclosed moorland; now plantations, tracks, roads and other forestry features are the most common and prominent historic landscape components in this area.

Recorded archaeology in this area includes an Iron Age hut circle, and three post-Medieval long huts at its southern fringe.

This area is well defined by the forestry edges. To the west lies unenclosed moorland, and on all other sides unenclosed land and a reservoir.

Bryn Gwyn map


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