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St Patrick's Chapel Dig Diary 2019

The 2019 excavation follows on from the 2014-16 investigations.

See the project page for more information http://www.dyfedarchaeology.org.uk/projects/stpatricks.htm



Day 1

Through rainy weather we set up and removed the turf.



Day 2

Excavating sand and revealing the medieval chapel walls.



Day 3

Continuing to remove the sand deposits, and revealing the walls of the Medieval Chapel.

Day 4

Cleaning the Chapel walls ready for recording, and extending the trench to the south.


Day 5

Rob revealing the first cist grave of this season's excavation.

Day 6

Digging down inside the Chapel to the floor level. And Bethan taking off the layer of quartz stone from the grave.


Day 7

Photo of the inside of the first excavated cist, no traces of skeletal remains present. Volunteers removing stones from the south of the chapel.


Day 8

Photo of the blocked up doorway on the western end of the chapel, and then the stones from the doorway removed.


Alan measuring and recording the southern wall of the chapel.


Image of the surviving floor level of inside the chapel, and with the top of a grave visible below it.





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