Burry Holms
(Photo © RCAHMW Crown Copyright)

Bristol Channel

Liverpool Bay



Individual Landscape Features

These maps show the individual landscape features plotted from 2D and 3D data. For further detail refer to the maps in the popular booklet and in the technical report.

Note that the features shown in the Bristol Channel area are extrapolated from 2D data, and thus although their general character and location is likely to be correct, no detail is known; implying that there are numerous landscape features awaiting discovery in this area. Features identified from the 2D data include two lakes/areas of wetland, numerous channels and areas of higher ground.

In Liverpool Bay the area for which high quality 3D data is available is clearly delineated by the large number of individual landscape features identified. These mainly consist of fluvio-glacial and other channels cut into a wide, low-lying plain. The absence of these features immediately to the south and east is not a true absence, but rather indicates a lack of 3D data. Here, many more similar landscape features may await discovery. Closer to the Welsh and English coasts the situation is similar to that of the Bristol Channel, where features were extrapolated from the only available 2D data.