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Cardigan and Tregaron Town Survey Cadw

Surveys of Cardigan and Tregaron were undertaken in order to develop an improved understanding of the historical development of the towns. The surveys will enable understandable and justifiable zoning of the archaeological issues within various parts of the town. Through mapping the known deposits and modelling those areas where there is indirect information, the studies have provided a basis for identifying specific archaeological requirements for developments in various parts of the towns. The studies included the production of GIS MapInfo mapped zones with attached interpretative data and conservation advice which will be available to be used directly within Ceredigion County Council's constraint mapping. Two initiatives made these surveys particularly timely. During 2007-08, with funding from Ceredigion County Council, a booklet on Cardigan will be published.

Cardigan and Tregaron Town Surveys 2006

Contact: Louise Austin


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