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Llanegwad - excavation of a medieval industrial site

Medieval Llanegwad uncovered
An excavation in 2007 between St Egwad’s Church and the medieval castle at Llanegwad, Carmarthenshire, revealed part of a ditched enclosure containing a series of pits, ditches and post-holes. These, along with fragments of kiln-lining and quantities of charcoal indicate industrial use involving some form of water-management and possible tanning. Remains of a timber building were also excavated. Outside the enclosure the remnants of a hearth and large quantities of iron slag suggest more widespread industrial activity. Pottery indicates a medieval date, possibly centred on the 13th and 14th centuries for the industrial activity. However, the discovery of Romano-British pottery and several flint fragments suggest a longer history to the site. Davies Richards of Llandeilo funded the excavation in advance of development.


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Contact: Phil Poucher



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