Excavations at Carmarthen Greyfriars 1983-1990
© Dyfed Archaeological Trust 2001

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As well as the .pdf files, the parent wordprocessed files in RTF format as well at the excavation database, is available on CD. Copies of higher resolution drawings and photographs from the Small Finds and Human Bone reports are available in sub-directories of the CD. If you are viewing this over the World Wide Web and you want to purchase a copy of the CD, contact Dyfed Archaeological Trust at info@dyfedarchaeology.org.uk. Although all reports are the copyright of Dyfed Archaeological Trust, they can be copied for non-profit-making purposes.




13th–16th century Earthenware and Oolitic Limestone Floortiles
Terrence James & Deirdre Brennan

Pottery, Ridgetile and Ceramic Waterpipe
Cathy O/Mahoney

The small finds and other artifacts
Deirdre Brennan

The 1997 Rescue Excavations
Andy Manning

Analysis of Skeletal Remains
Dr L. J. Wilkinson

Analysis of Skeletal Remains

VOLUME I: Summary of Findings & Photographs

VOLUME II—Detailed Descriptions

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