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St David’s Head, Pembrokeshire

A report is currently under production describing the results of field survey and aerial photography on prehistoric field systems, chambered tombs, a promontory fort, and other settlements on coastal marginal land, St David’s Head.

The archaeological remains on the head have been known and described for over two centuries. The current project identified a prehistoric rectilinear field system that runs for several kilometres along the coast and represents major territorial divisions of the landscape. The exact date of this division is unknown, but it is associated with a massive wall which defends a large area of the promontory. Within the territorial divisions are a later sinuous field system, hut circles and enclosures.

The report will be completed by the end of March 2000.
Field survey and aerial photography was financed by the National Trust and Cadw: Welsh Historic Monuments. Report production is grant-aided by Cadw.

Project contact: Ken Murphy

The project was grant aided by Cadw: Welsh Historic Monuments



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