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Bedd Morris Standing Stone

Repairs to stabilise the Scheduled Bedd Morris standing stone were undertaken in 2007. Unfortunately, in October 2011, the standing stone broke and toppled over, probably having been hit by a vehicle. The upper part of the stone was subsequently removed from the site for safe keeping. A small-scale excavation in February 2012 recovered the snapped-off base of the stone, and established that the stone had been probably originally erected in the prehistoric period. Several hammer stones and stone flakes from dressing the stone were discovered.

In November 2012 the stone was repaired and reset in its original socket. Two Bronze Age radiocarbon determinations from charcoal taken from the stone socket provide strong supporting evidence for the stone having been erected in the prehistoric period and not moved until hit by the vehicle.


Bedd Morris standing stone following stabilisation in 2007

The in situ base of the standing stone

Bedd Morris standing stone in February 2013 following its re-erection

Bedd Morris Repairs Report 2007

Bedd Morris report including radiocarbon dates Feb 2013


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