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Capel Iago, 2011

A geophysical survey was undertaken in two fields adjacent to Capel Iago farmstead, near Llanybydder, Carmarthenshire, in 2011. The place-name suggests a former chapel. An ancient yew tree stands in the west field, a holy well on the opposite side of a river, and the east field is called ‘yr hen fynwent’ (the old cemetery). Antiquarian records refer to cist graves having been discovered in this field.

The geophysical survey revealed a variety of archaeological features, although often difficult to characterise with any degree of confidence. In the east field a possible rectangular enclosure was identified, although it could not be determined if this was ecclesiastical or agricultural in character. The yew tree and remains of an adjacent ruined wall may indicate a former enclosure was present in the west field. This enclosure now lies almost entirely buried under built-up ground, preventing geophysical survey work in that area.

The Capel Iago geophysical survey


Capel Iago Geophysical Report (in PDF format - opens in a new window)



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