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Cardigan and Tregaron Town Surveys 2006-2007

This project involves surveys of Cardigan and Tregaron in order to develop improved understanding of the historic development of the towns. The surveys will enable understandable and justifiable zoning of the archaeological issues within various parts of the towns. Through mapping the known deposits and modelling those areas where there is indirect information, the studies will provide a basis for identifying specific archaeological requirements for developments in the towns. The studies include the production of GIS MapInfo mapped zones with attached interpretative data and conservation advice which will then be available to be used directly within the County Council's constraint mapping.

April-September 2006

During the first half of the financial year, work has focused specifically on Cardigan Castle. This work was specifically designed to inform an understanding of the relationship between the castle and Cardigan town geographically, topographically, historically and archaeologically. This aspect of the project is being grant-aided by Ceredigion County Council and is being used to inform the production of a Conservation Plan for the castle.

Front of Castle Green House c.1990
Front of Castle Green House c.1990

To date the work has included:

Enhancement of HER database structure - to accommodate additional data for Cardigan Castle (eg Architectural detail, Historic garden botanical data and ecological data) -

HER enhancement - Validation and updating of existing records and creation of new records relating to the castle and its environs.

GIS Mapping -
Creation of polygons identifying:
The locations of archaeological investigations.
Extent of individual monuments, sites, buildings, structures and significant features
Areas of historic development phases including the identification of historic development areas from historic map sources
Historic Garden features and botanical data
Faunal data - specifically bats – with point data for sitings and polygonal data for
associated habitats
Creation of point data:
Linked to all buildings
Records of architectural detail

The preparation of an initial report for Cardigan Castle – this has included an historical overview, a description of previous archaeological interventions and the known archaeological resource and detailed descriptions of 29 distinct character elements such as buildings and garden areas. A draft has been submitted to Cadw and Ceredigion County Council and comments are currently being incorporated.

Locations of the various Character Elements identified within the survey area
Locations of the various Character Elements identified within the survey area


Project contacts: Louise Austin and Nikki Cook




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