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Cefn Gwernffrwd Prehistoric Funerary and Ritual Complex 2007

During 2007-08 a topographic survey of the Cefn Gwernffrwd monument complex, Rhandirmwyn, Carmarthenshire was carried out. This complements a survey carried out by RCAHMW in 1975 and places the monuments in a landscape context. It also enabled an accurate evaluation of the change in condition in the monument over 32 years. Some elements of the complex recorded in 1975 were not visible in 2007, most notably a stone row. Overall, however, the complex has changed little between the two surveys.

Download the Cefn Garnffrwd Survey in PDF format - 1.4Mb (opens in new window).

Cefn Gwernffrwd Survey
Cefn Gwernffrwd Survey



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