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East Blockhouse at Angle

Defensive structures of 16th century date are rare in Britain, and thus the unfinished remains of East Blockhouse at Angle are of considerable importance. The Blockhouse is in very poor condition, and active coastal erosion is undermining it. Therefore a small excavation was undertaken during the summer of 2011 to record the surviving archaeology before it slips into the sea. The excavation demonstrated that rubble and floor deposits were removed during the 20th century, probably during the Second World War, and little which could aid dating the structure or characterising how it functioned has survived. A small concrete plinth for a shed and a hollow outside the Blockhouse, probably a machine gun position, were direct evidence for its use during the Second World War.

The perilous location of East Blockhouse

Excavating the Second World War gun position outside the blockhouse


East Blockhouse Excavation Report 2011


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