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HER Photographs 2006-2007

The Trust currently holds a large collection of photographs in various formats relating to past Cadw projects. All these photographs need to be fully catalogued and integrated into the HER with digitised copies deposited in the National Monuments Record. This is in accordance with the aspirations laid out in the Strategic Frameworks for Records relating to the Historic Environment of Wales. The digitisation of selected photographs will also facilitate public access over the Web to part of the photographic collection following the implementation of the new TOAD HER software platform.

During the first phase of this project the Trust has focused on approximately 1000 HLC Aerial and Ground Photographs taken over the past five years. The majority of these are colour slides and colour print negatives.

During 2007 approximately 750 medium format aerial photographic negatives were scanned. These photographs mostly date from the late 1970s and early 1980s and in many cases they represent the only known image of crop-mark sites.

The images were digitised in-house to the standard specified by the RCAHMW and were accompanied by appropriate metadata and catalogue information. In addition to the fields proposed by the RCAHMW additional fields included HER PRN number, NGR, date of photograph, author of photograph and originating organisation.

Project Contact: Duncan Schlee




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