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Resource Audit and Regional Research Assessment Seminar 2002

This project follows on from a conference held in Aberystwyth in August 2001 that identified the need for the preparation of a Research Framework for the Archaeology of Wales. The Trust made a number of contributions to this conference and to the subsequent published proceedings (see Section D). Following the conference, a Steering Group was formed to take the initiative forward. The preparation of a Resource Audit was identified as the first stage of the Research Framework and it was agreed that this work should be undertaken by the four Welsh Archaeological Trusts.

The audit for southwest Wales was produced in the first quarter of 2002-2003 and comprised a number of components:

1 – A records audit – with tables quantifying the numbers of records held by the HER and listed by site type and broad class. These tables were accompanied by distribution maps.
2 – A list of key excavated sites by period.
3 – A table of all radiocarbon dates for the region.
4 – A list of current research projects in progress.
5 – A full bibliography

The audit was partly intended to inform a Regional Research Assessment that formed the second stage of the Research Framework process. Working Groups were established to prepare chronologically based assessments for the region and the results were presented at a seminar held at Trinity College, Carmarthen in October 2002. Members of Trust staff Chaired two of the working groups (Neolithic/Early Bronze Age and the Late Bronze Age/Iron Age) and successful and well-attended working group meetings were held prior to the Carmarthen Seminar. The seminar itself was attended by over 50 people and resulted in an informative and lively discussion. The Trust was also represented on a number of the other period and thematic working groups and on the Steering Group for the Research Framework exercise.


Murphy K and Hall J 2002 Archaeological Resource Audit Draft, Dyfed Archaeological Trust report No. 2002/51

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