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'Exploration Tywi!' is a community research project which will explore the historical and natural processes and events which have contributed to the outstanding landscape of the Tywi valley, through historical, geological and archaeological investigation.

Exploration Tywi! forms part of the Landscape Partnership scheme, Tywi Afon yr Oesoedd, whose purpose is to celebrate and enhance the landscape of the Tywi valley. Over the next two years various activities and events will be taking place in the river valley, based between Llangadog and Dryslwyn.

The Dyfed Archaeological Trust will be leading Exploration Tywi! with a programme of interlinked activities involving schools, local interest groups and members of the public to discover more about the landscape of the Tywi valley. Not only will these activities be a unique opportunity for volunteers to explore and investigate the Tywi valley, but also this will be a chance to learn new skills in research and survey techniques. If you would like to get involved with any of these activities, or be kept informed of the project please contact Alice Pyper.


Wernfawr Dig Diary 2010


The following activities are planned for 2010:

House Detectives I

How much do you know about your home? What is its history? When was it built and what is it built from? Has it been added to or altered?

Learn how to answer these questions and more by joining our House Detective project. Here you will learn detailed basic building recording and ways in which to gain access to historical data that will guide you to discovering your house’s history.


House Detectives II


Following on from the basic recording of buildings in House Detectives I you will now be given the opportunity to carry out more detailed building recording at selected sites.

Five historic buildings will be chosen from the project area, and will be investigated in greater detail to try to discover their origins and development.



Travelling through time - Communication routes through the valley

A study of travel to and through the Tywi Valley, from Roman roads to railways. These historical routes will be traced through the modern landscape as we look at their impact on the character of the valley and enhance our understanding of the areas they crossed and linked.

We shall look at what still survives, recording such features as milestones and river-crossings, and analyse the historic accounts of travellers through the valley.


The Valley at War

Discover the impact of warfare on the Tywi Valley, from identifying historic battle sites to studying the evidence left by the 1st and 2nd World Wars.

Photographic, drawn and written records will be collated of any surviving features, such as air raid shelters or prisoner-of war camps.

Do you have a story to tell? Oral accounts of valley life during the two world wars will be collected.


Geological/Geomorphological Survey

How was the Tywi Valley formed? What changes have occurred in its habitat and species? How has the river responded to environmental change, how has its course changed over time and why does it flood? These are some of the questions to be addressed by a series of surveys aimed at reconstructing the ancient environment of the valley.

Eight discreet study sites will be identified by a geophysical survey within the project area. These sites will be located on old river channels and islands and samples will be taken for detailed analysis.


Sensing the Past - Archaeological Geophysical Survey

Help us to investigate the prehistoric settlement of the Tywi Valley and how it influenced later settlement patterns.

Two prehistoric enclosures and associated features that were identified during the 2007 gas pipeline project will be surveyed to discover the full extent of the buried archaeology.


Unearthing the past - Main Archaeoogical Excavation

As part of Exploration Tywi! we would like to give you the opportunity to join us in investigating the deserted farmstead of Wernfawr. Following on from the evaluation excavations which took place last autumn we are extending our investigations to see if we can find out the origins of the farmstead and what activities were undertaken there. What can we find out about life on a rural farmstead?

Participants will help dig and record a deserted settlement using archaeological excavation and recording skills.

The excavation will take place between the 13th April and 3rd May 2010.

If you would like to take part please contact Alice Pyper or Hazel Williams 01558 823121 /



Come and join us in 'Exploration Tywi!'

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