Graveyard Survey

The dead still have tales to tell. Gravestones in one part of Llandeilo Churchyard were recorded by the Women’s Institute during the 1980s. However the northern section of the graveyard remained untouched.

So it was that an army of enthusiastic local volunteers braved the brambles and nettles to carefully scrutinize each of the individual gravestones and record their details.

Fascinating tales have been told and burial plots have been explored to reveal local family histories. Some of the gravestones are weathering badly so our survey will be a valuable record of the epitaphs before they are lost completely.

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Graveyards provide a readily accessible route into the past; rarely do our ancestors speak so directly than through their memorials to the dead. If you would like to study your local graveyard or cemetery, first check with the landowner for permission and to establish if any records have been made already.

• Draw a sketch plan of the graveyard and plot roughly the positions of the gravestones.

• Number each memorial with a unique number, crossreferencing with your plan.

• If you can, take a photograph or make a sketch of each memorial to accompany your completed record sheets.

When you have carried out your survey, make sure you deposit a copy of your records with the church or chapel, your local records office or at the local HER.

Download grave recording sheet in PDF format.

Download index sheet for graves in PDF format.