Testing the Theories

Evaluations are like an exploratory operation an opportunity to test the waters and gain as much information about the site with the least amount of disturbance.

We looked at where people lived at different times in the past:

Dan yr Allt 16th century mansion house
The site of a demolished Elizabethan mansion located in the heart of the Tywi valley was investigated. The parkland surrounding the mansion is still very visible, though nothing of the mansion itself survives above ground level.

Llys Brychan Roman Villa
Brychan was the king of Brycheiniog with land stretching down to the Tywi. Excavations in the early 1960s uncovered a villa located above the floodplain of the Tywi some two miles south of Llangadog; this would have been a large and imposing Roman building in West Wales. A geophysical survey in 2009 not only showed the plan of the villa but also revealed a series of ditches forming an enclosure around it. Three trenches were dug to find out more information about these features.

Dyffryn Ceidrych
Both the site of a medieval longhouse near Carn Goch, on the edge of the Black Mountain, and a nearby chambered tomb from the Neolithic (New Stone Age), were investigated.
The longhouse had stone built walls, with three rooms built on a level area at the bottom of a hill. Pottery found in trenches was late-medieval. Most of the stone for the buildings seems to have been robbed from the site and used to build field walls!

When the chambered tomb was cleared of long grass and nettles you could see a rectangular chamber, made from large narrow stones, built on a small mound of stone and turf. Nearby parallel lines of stones were recorded also.