Exploration Tywi! Newsletter Spring 2009 (in PDF format - opens in a new window)

The following activities took place in 2009:

Reviewing the evidence - Archaeology

Looking at the information on the regional Historic Environment Record, old maps and other historic documents we will gather together all the existing information about the project area. In particular we shall be looking at the development of settlement and field patterns and the establishment of the parkland which is such a characteristic of the valley.



Checking the findings

A series of walks and site visits will investigate and record, in the field, the results of the documentary research.



Gathering evidence - Churchyard Survey

An opportunity to record and analyse gravestones in St Teilo's Churchyard and find out more about the past communities of Llandeilo.


Gathering evidence - Hedgerow Survey
Find out about the history and construction of the different types of field boundaries which are such a characteristic of the valley. A number of tours and guided walks with an archaeologist and an ecologist will look at the secrets that hedgerows can hold about the past.


Gathering the evidence - Building recording

Look into the history of your house, or the buildings in your village. Collect up old photographs and compare the scene now. Basic building recording involving photography and simple recording sheets will enable the history and development of the buildings in the valley to be discovered.



Geological / Geomorphological survey
An opportunity to work alongside professional geologists from Lampeter and Aberystwyth Universities, carrying out fieldwork to reconstruct the changing landscape of the valley over time.


Testing Theories

Looking at the existing information gathered, a series of four small-scale excavations to investigate different deserted settlements will take place in the valley.



Sensing the Past
When archaeological work was carried out in advance of the LNG pipeline two previously unknown sites were glimpsed, but not investigated. This will be an opportunity to be involved in geophysical survey to try to establish what these sites are, which may shed light on early settlement in the valley.


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