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The Dyfed Archaeological Trust’s Historic Environment Record (HER) aims to be inclusive of subject and period for all terrestrial and maritime archaeology within the region. There are plenty of new sites, finds and landscape features yet to be discovered and we are continually working to fill these gaps as new evidence and information arrives. We work alongside other heritage professionals, researchers, organisations, communities and the public for this to be achieved. The HER aims to collect, organise and provide access to what is the most current picture; improvement and enhancement is expected!

When the record was created, Record cards and paper maps were used to compile an index to the sites and finds across the region. The index was supported by many different types of physical material such as historic maps, aerial photographs, archaeological books, journals, and excavation reports. The Record also included original information from less formal sources such as letters from private individuals and newspaper cuttings. This information has been systematically analysed and curated to build a picture of the archaeology and heritage of Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire.

The HER continues to use these sources, and to look after them in our archive. With improved technology and communication the range of sources, and access to them has expanded. The “index” has become a complex computerised database and mapping system (GIS) and some of our sources are not held by us in our archive. Some of our sources are provided by links to other organisations such as Cadw and RCHMW.

The HER is a complex tool which is most often a starting point for private, commercial and personal research; there are too many sources and sites to describe here. If you have any questions about our work, or queries we can help you with, please get in touch; you don’t have to be undertaking research, you may simply have an interest or question about the heritage and archaeology where you live.

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