An Eighteenth Century Cold Bath House At Dinefwr Park

During the 18th century cold baths, which ranged from substantial buildings to simple open plunge-pools, became one of the must-have features for owners of large estates. The Dinefwr Estate in Carmarthenshire was no exception. The site of the Dinefwr cold bath is marked on 19th century Ordnance Survey maps and the spring that fed it still gushes, but of the cold bath there is no trace. When the National Trust commissioned us to investigate the site we had some doubts as to what survived below ground. To our surprise the foundations of what must have been a small but elegant building were almost immediately revealed, surrounding a plunge-pool a few meters square. Only the top of the archaeological deposits were exposed and therefore dating evidence was not obtained. Following a successful open day, arranged by Dyfed Archaeological Trust and the National Trust, the remains were covered over.


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Heneb - The Trust for Welsh Archaeology