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A church has been on this site since about the 6th century. It was a daughter site of Talley Abbey, about 8 miles North of Llandeilo.


The graveyard was divided into two by a toll road before the earliest available maps of the area in the mid 18th century. That road was widened in the 1850s and is now the A483 trunk Road from Swansea to Welshlpool. The church is in the Eastern part of the graveyard, and that was the area of the WI survey in the 1980s. The Western part was the subject of the recent survey.


For a history of the church and of Llandeilo town visit HERE. This site includes the mid to late 19th century diary of Thomas Jenkins, who is buried in a family grave (Q20a, b & c) in the graveyard.


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St.Teilo's Church Graveyard, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire.