Historic Environment Advice

Our Heritage Advice team work as archaeological curators. They are funded by Cadw to provide information, advice and assistance in the understanding, appreciation and management of the historic environment of Southwest Wales. The historic environment is finite and fragile and easily destroyed. We therefore need to consider how our actions today will impact on future generations.

In our work we respond to consultations at a strategic level from Welsh Government and local government in advance of agri-environment or forestry initiatives as part of grant funded schemes or from individuals and land managers.

We work in partnership with other organisations to deliver a range of archaeological services and to deliver grant funded projects.

We provide information and advice on the many aspects of the historic environment:

  • to members of the public and community groups, about the historic environment and assist in making¬† grant applications.
  • to local and national government and other organisations. To ensure that the historic environment is always considered
  • to liaison and advisory group meetings of organisations to represent Historic Environment interests.

We also ensure that information is fed back into the Historic Environment Record (HER) from individuals and other organisations.

We are happy to provide advice on any archaeological questions or queries.

The four Welsh archaeological trusts have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Natural Resources Wales setting out joint working arrangements for the historic and natural environments.

Memorandum of Understanding – PDF document (opens in a new window).

As part of the joint working arrangements a South West Area Statement on the historic and natural environment has been produced.

South West Area Statement – PDF document (opens in a new window).



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