Medieval and Early Post-medieval Churches and Chapels

There are almost 2000 medieval and post-medieval churches and chapels and related sites in southwest Wales. However, a large number of these are later post-medieval chapels and therefore do not form part of this study. Of the remainder, many are extant and in use buildings and fall outside the scope of this study. Only churches and chapels that are ruined buildings, earthworks, or have been reduced so that no visible remains survive and therefore can be potentially designated scheduled ancient monuments were included. During this study 129 sites were assessed and field visits made to 51 of these.

It was discovered that there are several high quality churches and chapels in southwest Wales of medieval and early post-medieval date that currently have no legal protection. In the best examples medieval masonry stands to several metres in height. Most, however, have been reduced to foundations or earthworks. The importance of many sites is strengthened by medieval and later documentation and by associated remains, such as the discovery of burials. Therefore over fifteen sites have been recommended for scheduling.

Capel-y-Gors, Carmarthenshire

Capel Erbach, Carmarthenshire

Report on Medieval and early post-medieval churches and chapels (in PDF format – opens in a new window – size 12Mb)

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