Archwilio is the online access system to the Historic Environment Records (HERs) of Wales. The system has been developed through a partnership of the four Welsh Archaeological Trusts to provide wider public access to this valuable resource. The HER covers all aspects of human activity in the landscape from early prehistory to the twentieth century without prejudice. Details of well- and lesser-known sites can be found, in addition to records generated by archaeological projects undertaken in the area. If you are interested in researching your local area, or finding out more about a particular historical period, this is a good place to start.

The four regional historic environment records are compiled and maintained by the four Welsh Archaeological Trusts (WATs) and aim to provide a comprehensive catalogue of archaeological and historical sites and finds of all periods throughout Wales. Currently, about 100,000 individual entries are held by the four regional records, which are continually up-dated and expanded as new information becomes available. The HERs fulfil a wide variety of functions including assisting in the positive management and presentation of the historic landscape, planning control, and as a source for input to local history, conservation and tourism projects.

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